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Our Valerie in Giantland

Deanna Lund - Our Valerie in Giantland

It was heartbreaking to hear that our dear and beautiful friend Deanna Lund passed away on Friday 22nd June 2018. We helped her family pay tribute to Deanna by producing a video compilation of many of her roles for them to show at her memorial. We have promised that we will help to preserve her legacy through her website and beyond and friends and fans around the world are welcome to contribute through the Irwin Allen News Network (IANN) site.

The Land of the Giants cast have all been like family for everyone who has travelled in time with them over the past 50 years. In the 50th Anniversary year of Land of the Giants, this was an even greater loss as we all tried to commemorate the show which brought us this inspiring actress, Deanna Lund.

Deanna's long term fan organisation Friends of Deanna Lund, run by Dr. Fred Eichelman, prepared a special obituary in Deanna's memory for her website.

Deanna Lund Obituary

Hollywood Reporter tribute to Land of the Giants star Deanna Lund


In tribute to Deanna Lund and the wealth of performances she gave us, we created a new picture gallery covering her career which spanned over half a century. Feel free to browse the gallery and also to view it as a slideshow.

Deanna Lund Career Slideshow

Deanna Lund Career Slideshow


Valerie in Giantland: Valerie Ames Scott's Diary

Deanna Lund's fan organisation Friends of Deanna Lund has just updated her 1992 novel Valerie in Giantland: Valerie Ames Scott's Diary as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Land of the Giants. The revised book features a new colour cover and an epilogue chapter. Copies are available through Friends of Deanna Lund at signings and through Amazon (#ad).