Land of the Giants


Giants Log Magazines

Giants Log has published 31 booklet format newsletters since 1990. These magazines have featured interviews, episode analyses, original art work, convention reports, galleries, quizzes and much more.

In addition to 31 regular magazines, Giants Log has published several one-off specials, plus some fan fiction. These include the Irwin Allen Tribute, 25th Anniversary Tribute (fan publication in addition to the book), Giants Log 5th Birthday Special, and several pieces of fan fiction.

We still have some of our past newsletters and a limited number of copies of our 1992 tribute to Land of the Giants available for donating to anyone who helps out Giants Log and the Irwin Allen News Network with Land of the Giants research, collectibles, photos, interviews, art, articles, documents etc. If you would like to participate in our work, please contact us with your ideas.